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“It can be quite scary walking into a plastic surgeons office. So many worries run through your mind. Will they be welcoming? Do they really know what they are doing? Are they going to try and push things I don’t want? Are they just wanting my money without caring about my actual wants, needs, and recovery? Those with a ton of other things will worry you. You want someone who will sit you down and make you feel relaxed. That is if you are going in for a facial, a few injections of Botox, or even something more complex like a breast augmentation.

I stumbled across Sugar Land Face and Body while researching and looking for the perfect place to get CoolSculpting done. From the moment I walked in the door I felt safe and at home. The ladies at the front desk are so helpful and full of energy. I didn’t wait long at all in the waiting room before meeting with Dr. Humble. He was so brilliant and informative. Not once did he try to upset sell me. In fact told me I wouldn’t need all of what I was asking for. He introduced me to RN Marty thereafter. She blew me away with how much knowledge she is packed with!

I’ve now have had CoolSculpting all over my legs and can’t express how happy I am with the results! Almost brings me to tears. Never thought I’d really be able to get rid of this stubborn cellulite and feel completely comfortable in a bikini. I’ve also had the Platelet Rich Plasma Facial. By far the most comfortable facial with REAL results that I’ve ever had. I recommend it to EVERYONE!!
I am so thankful for Sugar Land Face and Body. I stand behind them 100% and highly recommend to anyone that wants to be treated like a princess and wants to walk away looking like a queen!!”


I could never put a value on what Dr. Humble has given me.  How do you quantify self-confidence? How do you properly convey what it feels like to finally feel not only comfortable in your own skin, but confident? Dr. Humble and his staff were wonderful from my very first appointment.  He took as much time as I needed to feel comfortable explaining my procedure and even giving me advice for before and after my augmentation. His suggestions were priceless and showed he really cared not just about my results but my complete happiness and success. I felt like a friend or relative, not just a patient. He made me feel like he wasn’t making me better, he was simply helping bring out my beauty.  The days following my surgery he was always available and took the opportunity to call personally to check on me more than once.  That is the kind of doctor/patient relationship that is rare these days and makes Dr. Humble one of a kind.  I have since moved away from Sugar Land but will, without a doubt, return to Dr. Humble for my future beauty needs.  I wouldn’t trust anyone else since I am confident he is the best!  I am pleased with my choice every single day to get breast augmentation, but I am grateful that I chose Dr. Humble as my doctor.


I have been going to Dr. Humble for many years and my visits are as if it were my very first visit.  He sits with me and discusses all my concerns without making me feel rushed.  There is never a time limit on my visit.  Dr. Humble is the only doctor I’ve seen that addresses any concerns I may have and he definitely will not let me have more procedures than I need.  I do have a tendency to want too much and he will not let me over do it.  I’ve so very grateful for that.  I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Humble to all my family members and friends.  I will continue to see both Dr. Humble and his supportive professional staff members.


I first met Lin, Dr. Humble’s wife while I was working out at Sweetwater Country Club.  She was very beautiful, and above all, she was extremely nice and personable.  I went in to see Dr. Eric Humble and told him I wanted to stay “young looking” without having surgery.  I have been very pleased with the new procedures that he recommends… from Ultherapy to Photo Facials.  I always feel safe and “at ease” in his office.  He is wonderful!


With my husband and I both being in the medical field, we realize there are many choices when choosing a plastic surgeon.  From the day of my consultation, Dr. Humble made me feel comfortable and confident about my decision. He is truly a perfectionist, and is an amazing surgeon. He even provided me with his cell number to call anytime with questions I may have. The recovery was relatively easy, and the results speak for themselves—I am THRILLED! I most highly recommend Dr. Humble to anyone wanting or needing plastic surgery.


I searched many places before making a decision to work with the team at Sugar Land Face and Body.  This staff of professionals gives exceptional care with class, and that genuine regard is difference between Dr. Humble’s team and other plastic surgeons. Sometimes our excitement for change causes us to get anxious and hasty. I am very grateful for their passionate concern for my well-being. Their constant check for understanding proved that they did not view me as just another customer. I was empowered as an individual to become myself. Thanks for everything.


From the minute I walked in the door for my consultation, I felt so comfortable. I had never been to a plastic surgeon before so I was a little nervous and did not know what to expect. The entire staff was so welcoming and Dr. Humble was so friendly and down to earth. He answered all of my questions and gave his recommendations. He also thoroughly explained the procedure so I knew exactly what to expect.

The surgery was a breeze. We drove in from Victoria the night before the surgery and my husband drove me home after the surgery.  I did not need any pain medicine after the second day.  This was great because I had two small children!

This surgery really boosted my self-esteem! I couldn’t be more pleased.  My breasts look natural and are in perfect proportion with the rest of my body. I have even had one more baby that I breastfed since having the surgery and they still look perfect.  I have and would recommend Dr. Humble to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon!


Sugar land Face & Body is a very warm & comfortable environment. The staff is always very helpful. Dr. Humble is very personable. He is Awesome at what he does!! I recommend him to all of my friends.

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