Neocutis Products

Neocutis Products feature Europe’s newest anti-aging formulas!

For our Houston-area patients that want to try the most innovative medical-grade skin care products available only through qualified physicians, Houston Dermatology and Plastic Surgery is proud to offer authentic Neocutis skincare products for residents of Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and nearby areas in Texas.

Developed by Swiss scientists, Neocutis utilizes a unique MPC™ micro protein complex, representing the latest exclusive European anti-aging technology.

These micro-proteins are essential to the production of natural Collagen, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid, elements that are essential for nourishing healthy, radiant skin.  This groundbreaking development in skin care effectively and dramatically diminishes the signs of aging, and restores skin elasticity and firmness, while banishing wrinkles, creases, and fine lines.

The Neocutis product line is among the most admired, trusted, and respected lines of physician-dispensed skincare products internationally. Neocutis has earned a global reputation for excellence by developing exclusive formulas based on innovative scientific research. By incorporating advanced research and technology into a luxurious product line that delivers effective medical-grade skincare solutions to treat common skin conditions, Neocutis has successfully developed treatments that diminish the visible signs of aging, as well as uneven skin tone, oxidative stress, acute dryness, and red patches on the skin.

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