Birthmarks Treatment in Katy, Sugar Land, and Houston, Texas

Are there many different types of birthmarks?

Commonly referred as birthmarks we have a large variety of pigmented, vascular and connective tissue growths that are typically benign but that can be intriguing for parents. 

The most common type of birth mark are congenital nevi. A congenital nevus is a benign mole that occur since birth or in the first few days of life. They are commonly benign and typically grow in proportion with the person's own growth. Congenital nevi are classified based on their size as small, medium, large and giant. Large and giant congenital nevi are often times disfiguring if they occur in cosmetically sensitive areas and pose a slightly higher chance of malignant transformation, hence, it is better to have them examined by a dermatologist and to watch them over time.

Additionally, birthmarks can be vascular in origin. Congenital hemangiomas, port-wine stains (capillary malformations) and venous malformations are amongst the most common type of vascular growths that can occur since birth. Prompt evaluation to determine the best course of action is recommended given that some of these lesions can grow, ulcerate and create permanent deformity.

Connective tissue nevi, epidermal nevi and nevus sebaceous are amongst the most common type of birthmarks after congenital nevi and vascular lesions; their associations to multiple other clinical conditions warrant appropriate evaluation by a dermatologist.

Our dermatology team has the highest qualifications and would be happy to evaluate and provide treatment options for birthmarks from the postnatal period to adulthood.

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