Full Body Skin Exam

Full Body Skin Exam in Katy, Sugar Land, and Houston, Texas

At Houston Dermatology and Plastic Surgery we provide the highest quality skin exams, detailed and thorough. 

Rest assured that if you chose to have a full body skin exam your doctor will perform a complete exam including the scalp, face, neck, trunk, extremities (including finger and toenails), lymph nodes and external genitals.

Our doctors are chaperoned to provide you with confidence and privacy. All of our doctors use a dermatoscope which is a special type of scope equipped with polarized light to help identify specific patterns present in benign and malignant conditions.

Your doctor will provide you with reassurance and in case of suspicious lesions will guide you with a step-by-step explanation of his though process before performing any procedure.

We recommend having a full body skin exam once a year.

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