Molluscum contagiosum is a very common skin condition of viral origin that typically affects kids in the first 12-13 years of life. Molluscum can be appear as single or multiple translucent pearly papules with a central dell that tend to develop on certain areas of the skin such as the abdomen, groin area, buttocks, upper and lower extremities are commonly involved. 

Scratching, rubbing or scrubbing can facilitate their spreading to other areas and to other susceptible individuals; hence, children with atopic dermatitis (eczema) often have worsened disease.

These lesions tend to resolve spontaneously during a period of 2 years, but they can cause anxiety on both patients and parents; therefore, a dermatologist can facilitate conservative or interventional treatment to expedite their resolution.

Basic recommendations include behavioral modification (avoid scratching, squeezing or rubbing affected areas), aggressive lubrication with creams or ointments and eczema control.

Please make an appointment to discuss other treatment options from pharmacological to in-office alternatives such as liquid nitrogen cryotherapy, use of cantharidin (beetle juice extract) that could be suitable in certain cases.

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