Skin Infection

Skin Infection Treatment in Katy, Sugar Land, and Houston, Texas

Given that our skin is the interface with the environment, it is naturally exposed to bacterial, fungal, parasitic or viral infections.

Dermatologist have special expertise in identifying, diagnosing and treating infectious skin conditions, some of which can spread internally causing systemic disease.

These are some but not all of the skin infections that we typically treat:

  1. Impetigo (superficial Staph or Streph infection)
  2. Cellulitis
  3. Erysipelas
  4. Tinea corporis, pedis, capitis, unguium (fungal infection of skin, feet, scalp or nails)
  5. Opportunistic fungal infection (candida, mucor, cryotoccocus, histoplasma, etc.)
  6. Lyme disease
  7. Tick bite reaction
  8. Mycobacterial disease (tuberculosis and leprosy)
  9. Syphilis 
  10. Scabies and other infestations

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