Warts are growths of viral origin that can occur anywhere in the body but typically affect the hands and fingers, plantar feet and anogenital region.

Warts are caused by certain strains of the human papillomavirus that have low risk of becoming malignant. 

Warts can be painless or very uncomfortable depending on the presenting area. They can grow to the surface or become deeper inside of the skin (endophytic type). In certain areas they can coalesce forming plaques that are hard to eradicate.

If left unattended, warts can spread to other areas or grow bigger in size. They can also be spread to other people.

Treatment options vary depending on the size and location. Over the counter preparations with salicylic acid are the treatment of choice for most warts. In more advanced situations, mechanical pairing followed by liquid nitrogen cryotherapy is the preferred method in the office. For younger children, the use of beetle juice extract or compounded preparations with 5-fluorouracil, retinoids or antivirals like cidofovir can help without causing pain.

Candida antigen or bleomycin intralesional injections or surgical removal followed by imiquimod applications  can also play a role in more recalcitrant or advanced disease.

We will be happy to offer you solutions based on your individual needs.

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wonderful office and very professional staff. happy to work with them!
- May Anne Siems - September 21, 2022
Amazing service!! Dr. Cedeno was great
- Mend D - July 25, 2022
I will highly recommend Dr. Cedeno and the clinic staff.
- Yanelquis Torres - July 24, 2022

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