One of the newest – and amazingly effective – treatments we offer is the “Vampire Facial.” Kim Kardashian brought it to national attention and it is available now at Houston Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. Dr. Lin Humble, wife of the founder of Houston Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, has employed this technique and found it to be her personal favorite of the less invasive techniques employed at the center. She has dubbed it her personal “fountain of youth.” The Vampire Facial is essentially a three-step process that “reminds” your body of what it able to do naturally.

In the first step, the face, décolleté or other target areas are examined to determine where the rejuvenation and restoration are to occur. This step is essential in that it targets the application as appropriate to the patient’s natural contours.

Next, in step two, a small sample (usually about two teaspoons) of the patient’s blood is taken so that the technical team can harvest plasma-rich platelets (PRPs) for completion of the last step. This part of the process is particularly important in that it uses the body’s own raw materials and bypasses the introduction of foreign blood or tissue. The harvested platelets are stimulated to encourage production of growth (and restorative) hormones. Because this is all produced using the body’s own “raw materials”, there is virtually no risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

In the last step, the harvested platelets are reintroduced to the patient using one of the available microneedling processes. Topical creams are applied to reduce or eliminate any discomfort during this procedure. Combining the restorative healing functions of the body with the introduction of the PRPs, the factor-rich “reminder” allows the reintroduction of collagen and fatty tissue (to produce smoothness) and the “vampire effect” begins right away. There is an immediate and noticeable difference but the longer-term effects are evident within 2-3 weeks of the procedure.

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