Ultimate daily skin cleansing with the Clarisonic Smart Profile

Our team of specialists at Houston Dermatology and Plastic Surgery in Texas loves to educate and inform our patients in Katy, Sugar Land, and nearby Houston-area communities regarding the latest and most innovative procedures, treatments, products, and recommendations that enhance and support healthy skin. Among these recommendations is the new Clarisonic Smart Profile, the latest in the acclaimed line of Clarisonic skin cleansing brushes that provide advanced deep cleaning and exfoliation to maintain clear, healthy, smooth and supple skin.

What is the Clarisonic Smart Profile?

More powerful than its predecessors and easier to use, the Clarisonic Smart Profile has several improved features to provide a stimulating, unique, total-body skin cleansing experience. The new Smart Profile is designed with professional-grade brush heads for easier and more effective cleansing, stimulating circulation and eliminating surface impurities and debris that may be clogging your pores. The Smart Profile is also a versatile device for cleansing the face and body and includes the Clarisonic Pedi system that removes dry, rough skin and deep-cleanses your feet for a refreshing rejuvenation treatment!

The Clarisonic Smart Profile has been deemed safe and effective for use on all skin types and improves most skin conditions.

Clarisonic Smart Profile Features

The newest model of the Clarisonic Smart Profile includes an additional speed option and a new turbo button.  The newest model is also easier to use on the face, and body, as well as the new Pedi system. The Smart Profile provides gentle yet powerful cleansing and, in studies, has demonstrated its ability to remove long-wearing makeup almost 11-times better than regular cleansing methods using just the hands.

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