Nonsurgical Breast Lift with ThermiBreast

With the new trend in carefree, braless fashions, many women are becoming more self-conscious about sagging in their breasts. Sagging can affect your breasts after pregnancy and lactation, causing the breasts to also lose fullness and volume. Sagging or drooping in the breasts is caused by loss of elasticity in the skin and may also be a product of genetics, as well as other factors such 88as sun damage and exposure to toxic elements that contribute to loss of skin elasticity.

No amount of exercise can successfully lift or correct sagging breasts, since breasts are composed of fatty tissue and not muscle. Until recently, the only way to lift and tighten breast tissue was through a surgical procedure called a mastopexy or breast lift.  This cosmetic procedure, like most cosmetic surgeries, requires anesthesia, incisions, and a recovery period; typically, it also produces hairline scars.

How does TermiBreast work?

Perk up sagging breasts with ThermiBreast

Today, there is a new, non-surgical option for women who want perkier, firmer breasts but prefer to forego the cost and downtime associated with surgery. The ThermiBreast Lift is an advanced new radiofrequency treatment performed safely and quickly as an outpatient procedure using only local anesthesia, and requires minimal to no downtime. The ThermiBreast Lift effectively treats mild to moderate sagging of the breasts to give you a younger-looking, firmer bust line.

Radiofrequency Science

The ThermiBreast Lift uses radiofrequency technology to deliver precise, controlled heat to subdermal layers beneath the skin, tightening tissue through the process of contraction. The ThermiBreast Lift is performed using a very high-tech probe that at once delivers radio frequency waves, while precisely monitoring the skin temperature beneath the dermis, as well as on the skin’s surface. Once an optimal temperature is reached, the skin contracts and tightens, regenerating both collagen and elastin.

The ThermiBreast lift is a painless breast procedure that takes under an hour to perform, with no recovery time. While you will notice immediate results, the breast tissue will continue to tighten and lift over the next month or two, as increased collagen and elastin continue to improve skin texture. For those seeking a more dramatic enhancement, or increased volume in the breasts, the ThermiBreast Lift may be combined with other cosmetic procedures.

ThermiBreast is provided in our friendly office by our highly skilled doctors at Houston Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, serving residents of greater Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, and nearby areas in Texas.

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