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Let’s face it. Cellulite is not attractive. It affects more than 80% of women and a much smaller percentage of men. It is a commonly occurring condition that is no respecter of person or lifestyle. Even those who observe elevated levels of self-care in their diet and physical exercise will be affected. Despite hundreds of “treatments” offered over the decades, an effective antidote for the condition has not been found. In fact, most doctors have, even very recently, simply shaken their heads and deemed cellulite as something inevitable that women would have to “live with.” Now there’s good news for women in the fight against this plague.

It is only in this decade that doctors have determined the root cause for cellulite and a means to minimize its effects. While it is true that there is not a “cure” for its development, there is now a method of addressing its affects that have lasting benefits and even carries FDA approval for a year’s effective results – something that has never been received with other so-called remedies. Houston Dermatology and Plastic Surgery is proud to offer this treatment as part of its array of specialized services to patients. The process is called Cellfina™.

How to Treat Cellulite

To understand the Cellfina™ process, it is helpful to understand what cellulite is. There are layers of skin and fatty tissue that form the normal outer covering of our musculo-skeletal bodies. These layers are what give us our shapely appearance and, in normal circumstances, we only see the smooth contours that we find aesthetically pleasing. There are connective bands called septae that connect these layers. Over time, certain factors will contribute to these connective bands becoming tough or fibrous. Because this process begins to deplete the bands of their normally occurring suppleness, they begin to “dry out”. Think of this like a sponge that, when soaked, is smooth and supple – moving easily to perform its tasks. However, if moisture is removed, the sponge will begin to dry quickly and contract – even changing its shape to shrink in on itself. The same process affects the connective bands. As they begin to lose their native moisture, they grow fibrous and harden, contracting and causing the outer layers of supple fat and skin to be pulled inward, thus creating the dimpling effect, the “orange peel skin” we associate with cellulite. The Cellfina™ process addresses the problem by separating the fibrous septae from the outer layers of the skin so that it can be returned to its natural, suppler, condition – no more orange peel texture.

What is Cellfina?

Cellfina™ is approved for use only by specially certified physicians. The process itself is minimally invasive. It is performed in an office visit and takes about an hour – sometimes more – depending on the number of areas to be treated. First, the area is pulled taut with a suction device and a numbing agent is applied to alleviate any physical discomfort. Next a hand-held device is used to send a tiny cutting instrument beneath the skin to release the grip of the septae.

Cellfina Recovery and Results

After the procedure, the results are virtually immediate. Within a day, patients will see significant improvement. What makes the Cellfina™ process so unique, is that the effects will last up to a year – sometimes even longer. There is minimal discomfort and patient downtime is minimal. As with all procedures, Houston Dermatology and Plastic Surgery recommends an office consultation to assess the condition so that a patient-specific plan can be formulated.

There is not a preventative cure for the development of cellulite. But now, in Cellfina™, we have a valuable ally in reducing the toll it takes on the well-being of the women it affects.

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