Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Vein Treatment in Sugar Land, Katy, and Houston, Texas

You may see small veins that are purple or red that resemble a spider if your veins have been damaged or do not work properly. Spider veins may appear on the face or legs and frequently result from a blood vessel bursting. For example, a woman in childbirth may burst a vein during delivery.

If a valve weakens, the blood that flows one way through the veins, may end up pooling inside the weakened vessel. With the progression of time, this may cause the vein to expand or branch out, which causes a spider vein to appear. If spider veins appear on your face, increased pressure or overexposure to the sun can lead to the condition.

Most women and men want to have spider veins removed, especially if they appear on cosmetically sensitive areas. They often are more common in women than men. While spider veins may develop because of genetics, they can also emerge during or after pregnancy, when a patient gains weight, or if a woman uses oral contraceptives.

Another small venous type conditions that is similar to spider veins are telangiectasias. Telangiectasias, which are dilated capillaries, often appear on the face whereas spider veins are usually seen on the feet and legs.

However, the term, “telangiectasias,” frequently is used interchangeably with the term, “spider veins.” Actually, the capillaries, which are seen in telangiectasias, are thin-walled blood vessels that connect arteries (the vessels that carry blood from the heart) with veins (which transport blood to the heart).

Spider veins can either resolve on their own, and disappear, or may be permanent, depending on the reason for their appearance. If the veins are caused by medicines or pregnancy, they may not need treatment. To prevent spider veins, it helps to stay active and physically fit. Long periods of standing or sitting can lead to their development.

If you wish to remove unsightly spider veins, the two main forms of treatment include sclerotherapy and laser treatments. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution directly at the site of the spider vein, causing it to scar and collapse. In the interim, the collapsed, dead-end vein is absorbed into the bloodstream. Sclerotherapy injections may be slightly uncomfortable.

The other major treatment option, laser therapy, involves using a laser to form blood clots around the spider veins. When this happens, the blood vessels become clogged and ultimately are resorbed by the body.


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It was quick, detailed and all concerns were covered. The doctor provides good options and so far the results were good. Most spider veins if not all are gone. All questions are answered and the recommendations are apropriate.
- A T - May 7, 2024

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