Thread Lift

Thread Lift in Sugar Land, Katy, and Houston, Texas

Have you ever considered fillers, Botox, lasers or even a facelift? If you have, then our new PDO thread lifts are for you! A thread lift can give you all the benefits of these products in one simple non-surgical procedure! Thread lifts are also perfectly safe to do in combination with dermal fillers, Botox and lasers!

What are PDO threads? PDO threads have been around longer than any other thread on the market today and have been used in surgeries since the 1980s. They’re made from a colorless polyester that allows your body to trigger cells called fibroblasts to help build more collagen! Collagen is our body's natural protein that gives your skin its structure and elasticity. Loss of collagen is one of the main causes of aging skin.

A thread lift can treat most parts of your face that show signs of aging. The areas around your cheeks, jawline, neck, and eyes are among the most commonly treated areas.

This simple in-office procedure can help treat sagging skin for a "non-surgical facelift" and can treat drooping eyelids to give you the look of a brow lift without any downtime!

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