If the decision is being made to undergo cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, a major consideration will be the choice of surgeon. There are two qualities that should be paramount in that decision. The first is the surgeon’s reputation and credentials to perform the type of surgery being considered. The second is the relationship the patient can expect to have with someone who is going to be a significant partner in realizing their physical transformation goals.

The two major indicators of recognized expertise are certification by The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and American Board of Plastic Surgery with accompanying membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

It might be a surprise to learn that virtually any surgeon may perform cosmetic and reconstructive procedures – and many do so do with significant skill. But only with those who carry and display these professional certifications are you assured that you have the backing of rigorous training and specialized vetting by the doctor’s peers. In some cases, that difference may be as much as six to eight years of specialized residency followed by extensive testing and additional training under the auspices of leaders in the field. It is important to recognize also that a doctor may consider himself or herself a specialist, and even advertise their services in that way, but that is in no way the same as the full credentialed surgeon. Consider these two important processes:

To receive certification from the American Board of Medical Specialties, the surgeon must not only have completed the requisite medical school training plus a full residency in Plastic Surgery, but also pass a stringent set of comprehensive written and oral examinations that elevate the candidate, with evidential support, into the upper tiers of qualified plastic surgeons.

Once the certification by the board is completed, the surgeon may become a member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and display the society’ symbol on websites and other public awareness media.

Dr. Humble has met and surpassed these essential qualifying rigors and gone on to be recognized as a Houston “Top Doctor” and presented nationally in a Newsweek “Best of the Best” showcase.

Beyond the qualifications that confirm Dr. Humble’s experience and expertise in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, he is well regarded by patients and peers for his very personal level of involvement with, and service to, his patients. Client videos and written testimonials validate our patients’ confidence in Dr. Humble as not only a qualified surgeon, but a valued partner in the road to transformation.

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