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  • WHAT CAN IT DO:Lifts sagging breasts and nipples to improve breast appearance
  • Anesthesia:General
  • Combine with:Tummy TuckLiposuction

The Breast Lift (mastopexy) is a surgical breast procedure that corrects sagging and drooping in the breasts. Factors such as the aging process, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and genetics, can cause breast tissue to become flaccid, elongated, and saggy, detracting from an otherwise youthful appearance. Many women feel self-conscious because their drooping breasts look unattractive when not supported by a bra. Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery corrects this condition, lifting and firming the breasts to produce a more youthful body contour.

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, achieves firm breasts that rejuvenate a woman’s physical appearance as well as her self-esteem. Some women elect to combine breast augmentation with the breast lift procedure to restore volume and fullness to the breasts or increase breast size. If your breasts have lost their youthful fullness and volume, or if they were never full to begin with, you may opt to increase volume and fullness by combining breast implants with mastopexy.

Our team of dedicated surgeons at Houston Dermatology and Plastic Surgery will design a customized treatment plan to address your individual problems and goals, to produce long-lasting natural-looking results that will improve your appearance and boost self-confidence.

Breast Lift Consultation and Planning

During your initial consultation, one of our specialists will evaluate your medical history and examine the condition of your breasts, evaluating your overall frame, the condition of your skin, and other factors. Your surgeon will discuss your aesthetic concerns with you, and recommend the procedures that will best meet your desired goals. Since no two patients are alike, we provide a personalized surgical treatment plan for each patient.

In preparation for cosmetic surgery, you may be required to suspend the use of certain medications, as well as refrain from using alcohol and tobacco while preparing to undergo surgery.

Breast Lift Procedure Description

The breast lift is performed under general anesthesia to ensure maximum comfort and safety for each patient in our outpatient surgery center. A local anesthetic may be used to numb the treatment area in order to alleviate any potential discomfort following the surgery.

The surgery itself takes from two to five hours, depending on the extent of your procedure. Since every patient is unique, the degree of scarring varies between individuals. During the mastopexy procedure, the breast tissue is lifted to a higher position. The nipple is repositioned, along with its nerve endings and other subcutaneous tissue, in order to preserve its natural sensitivity. Any excess skin is trimmed away, and the breast tissue is re-sculpted to a more attractive shape higher on the chest. At [primary_city] Face and Body, our team of specialists aims to leave the least possible amount of scarring. In most cases, surgical scars from the mastopexy are camouflaged around the edge of the areola, unless a more extensive amount of skin removal is necessary.

What are the different types of breast lift?

There are three most common types of breast lifts: periareolar mastopexy, vertical mastopexy and traditional mastopexy.

Periareolar mastopexy also called periareolar lift or circumareolar lift is ideal for women who only have a little breast sagging and need their nipples lifted only slightly. The incision during this procedure is placed right at the edge of breast and areola, thus is very well hidden. Incision can be done as a “donut patter” in which case it is all the way around the areola and thus areola size can also be reduced. Alternatively, incision can be done as a “crescent pattern” above the areola and the areola size stays the same, but is lifted on the breast.

Vertical mastopexy or vertical lift, also referred to as a short scar mastopexy is ideal when patients have more breast sagging and also have a wide breast that they wish to reduce. Narrowing the breasts helps to increase the upper projection of the breast. The scar is around the areola and vertically from areola down to breast fold, sometimes referred to as a “lollipop incision”.

Traditional mastopexy or full scar mastopexy is reserved for women that have significant breast drooping and need significant skin reduction and nipple lift. The scars are then placed around areola, up and down from areola to breast fold and at the breast fold. This allows for the best reshaping of the breasts, but the trade of is longer scars.

Recovery After a Breast Lift

Plan to have someone drive you home after surgery, and provide assistance around the house for a few days while you rest. We will provide extensive post-op instructions, as well as a prescription for pain medication. You will be required to wear a compressive bra for a period of time to protect delicate tissue, sleep only on your back for a few weeks, and avoid strenuous exercise, including bending or lifting, for several weeks. Some swelling and bruising may be expected following the surgery, but this subsides naturally in about a month. Most patients are able to return to work within a week or two after surgery. Gentle sexual activity is permissible after about two weeks, but your breasts may remain tender and sore for about a month after surgery. Temporary loss or increase in sensation around the nipple area is normal and will naturally resolve itself over time.

Breast Lift Results

The breast lift produces a more youthful and attractive profile by positioning the breasts higher up on the chest. The surgery yields long term results as long as you don’t gain or lose excessive weight in the future that may cause future sagging. Pregnancy and lactation may also affect your results and it is best to have this surgery after you are finished having children. Proper care of your skin and a good sun protection regimen will also extend your results, as will healthy lifestyle habits such as not smoking. Many patients choose to complement the breast lift procedure with other treatments to provide for a more comprehensive makeover.

Don’t put it off any longer! You can enjoy a more youthful appearance for years to come with a customized breast lift performed by our team of specialists at Houston Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

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Highly Recommended !!!
- Nikita Pavlov - April 6, 2023
Thank you for your care and my results! This is a highly efficient team. I've referred Dr. Cedano to numerous friends and family. Thank you for my results. Berenice Garcia, his medical assistant has provided professional care and laughs to create a comfortable environment while receiving treatments. I thank you for your kindness!
- jolita mcdowell - April 5, 2023
Just had my first PIKO laser session to even out my face skin tone. The session took about 10-15 minutes. Dr. Cedano explained the process and expectations very well.
- Jeannette Davis - March 31, 2023

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