Jaw Augmentation

Jaw Augmentation in Sugar Land, Katy, and Houston, Texas

As people age the volume along one’s jaw changes in time. This is due to complex changes at all levels of one anatomy.Most noticeable to some people is the changes in their skin, but the changes that aging causes underneath the skin are equally important. If ones looks at their skin as a portal to the deeper structures, one can notice the loss of fat, bony reabsorption, and attenuation of the muscles. Along the jawline this can show up as a bulge and crease that once was a smooth jawline. This process does not happen overnight but instead is gradual. When it becomes noticeable there are a multitude of non-surgical and surgical options.

Fillers can be used to help fill in the intentions. We offer a variety of fillers, with most of the made up of hyaluronic acid. Some of the names that you may have heard of include Juvéderm, Restylane, and others.

Ulthera is a minimally invasive device that can help lift and tighten the muscle laxity that lead to the jowling along one’s jawline.

More invasive or surgical options include lower face and neck lift which can surgically improve your jawline.

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