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Our Surgery Suite

Our Surgery Suite

Technology, talent and teamwork converge to create a singular experience for each patient in our care. Our facilities, staff and services ensure that your decision to partner with Houston Dermatology and Plastic Surgery gives you the edge in presenting your own “state of the art” to the world.

Making a change to your physical appearance is an important and life-affirming decision. Far more than a simple dash to the make-up counter, this decision carries permanent and long-lasting effects that you will live with every day. Naturally you want a provider who is also the best – in service, in skill, in technology and, most importantly, with a genuine interest in seeing you realize your goal of self-transformation.

Houston Dermatology and Plastic Surgery is proud to own and operate our very own, highly accredited, state of the art operating room. Dr. Humble believes that at an on-site facility enables him to deliver the very highest standard of care at every phase of a patient’s treatment. The freedom to staff the facility with hand-picked associates supports the practice’s vision of a perpetual and all-encompassing commitment to excellence. The safety of every patient is paramount and the center underwent a year-long certification process that was both rigorous and exhaustive. This certification process ensures that the center not only meets Dr. Humble’s exacting standards but also meets, and exceeds, the standards set forth by the medical community and its overseers. That body, the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) has one mission: to “develop and implement standards of excellence to ensure the highest quality of patient safety through an accreditation program. Accredited facilities and clinics have been inspected and have met 100% of the standards set by AAAASF for Accreditation.” This type of accreditation is the Gold Standard for ambulatory surgery facilities.

The patient environment is staffed to provide constant care. In addition to the operating theater, the suite includes separate pre-operative and post-operative areas staffed with two registered nurses, a technician and an anesthesiologist.

We also know that many of our patients have concerns about the anesthesia and being “put to sleep.” At our surgery center, a fully trained anesthesiologist will remain at the bedside throughout the procedure and recovery until the patient is ready to leave the suite. In addition, a registered nurse is with each patient every step of the way from pre-op preparations through discharge to home. Every RN and all MDs are fully trained in emergency response and the Surgery Center maintains all required emergency equipment in patient care areas, always prepared to respond to the unexpected. Again, we have met or exceeded the accreditation requirements to ensure not only patient safety, but also patient confidence. We’re confident that we will exceed expectations in surgical care.